Interactive Map Potential Plotting

Type Hemisphere Year Month Day Time Window(?)
: UT
Velocity Vectors Min Value: Max Value:
Velocity Model
Fit Velocities(?) True Velocities(?) Line-Of-Sight Velocities Merge Velocities(?)
Lowest latitude for plotting: Rotate Map by: deg. (clockwise)
Choose Lat/Lon limit to plot
Additional Options
Plot Original L-o-S velocities Select All
Remove IMF and Geomagnetic Indices Remove names of radars Remove contour fill
Overlay DMSP SSJ/4 data(?) Overlay DMSP SSIES data(?) Overlay POES TED data(?)
Overlay R1 oval(?) Overlay R2 oval(?)
Overlay Stations

Fitted Velocities
True Velocities
Merged Line of Sight velocities obtained from the radars having overlapping field of views

Overlay electron energy flux data measured by the SSJ/4 instrument (energy range : 30 eV to 30 KeV) onboard DMSP satellites
Overlay Ion Drift meter data (part of SSIES instrument package) measured DMSP satellites
Overlay Total Energy Detector (TED) data measured by the POES satellites (energy range : 50 eV to 20 KeV)
Overlay Region-1 oval/boundary estimated from AMPERE data Clausen etal., 2012
Overlay Region-2 oval/boundary estimated from AMPERE data Clausen etal., 2012

Window of data used to generate the map file; 2-min is standard, 1, 5 and 10-min available upon request