Interactive GPS/TEC Plotting - Four Plot

Hemisphere Year Month Day Hour Minute
TEC ParameterScale (TECU)
Total Electron Content Min Value: Max Value:
Median Filtering
Lat/Lon Bin: Start Lat: Threshold:
XRange: YRange:
Convection Map
Plot Convection Map Plot Heppner-Maynard Boundary
Radar Measurements
Plot Radar Measurements Select All
Radar Scan TypeRadar Velocity Scale (m/s)
Linear Min Value:
Nonlinear Max Value:
Ground Scatter Flag
Ignore ground scatter flag (plot all scatter) Plot only ground scatter Plot only ionospheric scatter Plot all scatter but mark ground scatter (only in velocity plots)
TEC Data Inventory

Note: Please contact Evan Thomas (evan.g.thomas AT before using any figures in a conference presentation or journal submission. A sample movie of an SED/SAPS event can be viewed here.

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