Schefferville, Canada (54.80 N, -66.80 E)

The Schefferville radar began operations on a single beam in 1986 and became fully operational in 1988 (with eight antennas). The Schefferville-Goose Bay radar pair provided the first common-volume determinations of convection velocity. The Schefferville radar ceased operations in 1995 and parts were dismantled and relocated to support the build of the radar in Stokkseyri. The PI was Dr. Christian Hanuise of the CNRS/LPCE.

Support for operations was provided by the McGill Subacrtic Research Station, especially Oksana Choulik and station manager Doug Barr.

Construction effort: French engineers and technicians, especially Yves Ruin, without forgetting software implementation by Kile, who had to spend one day at Wabush to get a connecting flight to Goose Bay!
Schefferville Radar Field of View Map


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