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Ethical Research Practices Training
All students in the VT SuperDARN Laboratory are funded through National Science Foundation (NSF)(external link) grants. As a condition of funding and to provide training in proper research practices, these students must complete an online course in Ethical Research Practices. Information on take this course can be found here. VT SuperDARN students should take the training that is geared toward engineering research.

EEWeb Resource
EEWeb is a free site that helps electrical engineering graduates find jobs and document school projects.

Documenting Projects and Research

The EEWeb publishing system helps format projects so they look professional on the web. It also gives a student the ability to share school projects easily with potential employers. This system is perfect for the Senior Design class. To start documenting projects is easy.
  • Step 1 - Create a Profile Here: link)
  • Step 2. Start Documenting the Project (Upload schematics, pcb files, images, firmware, etc).
Here is an example of a recent interview: Example Project(external link)
Here is our brochure on the Featured Engineer Interview: Documenting Projects Brochure(external link)

Helping Students Find Jobs

We help students find jobs by posting their resume to be shared with the community and help them find internships and entry level jobs.
  • Step 1 - Create a Profile Here: link)
  • Step 2. Post your resume
  • Step 3. Start searching our jobs database and connect with the community.
List of EE Internships(external link)
List of new grad EE jobs(external link)