Wallops Island, VA (37.93 N, -75.47 E)

The SuperDARN radar at Wallops Island was the first to be constructed using the Twin-Terminated-Folded-Dipole (TTFD) antenna design. This design is lighter and cheaper than the original log-periodic design with better backlobe characteristics because of the addition of a reflecting screen. The radar saw first light in June 2005.

The radar is located on the grounds of the NASA Wallops Flight Facility (WFF). It was built and is operated as a joint project of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL) supported by NSF and NASA/GSFC.

The original PI was Dr. Ray Greenwald. The PI-ship has since passed through Mike Ruohoniemi, Elsayed Talaat, and Ethan Miller to the current PI, Alex Chartier. Alex assumed the PI-ship on 6 September 2019.
Wallops Island Radar Field of View Map


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