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Stuck installing RST? In need of some analysis code for this strange data file you were given? Just curious about what SuperDARN has to offer on the software side of things?

We are opening our software expertise to the space science community, starting here. You will find help on software installation, links to download various software, and helpful hints to make the best of our data analysis and visualization tools. Keep in mind that most of the software mentioned in this page is behind all the web-tools we provide, which require only a few clicks and are mostly bug-free, so use them!

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A list of available SuperDARN software:

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Software support and help
Help installing software and solving persistent errors. This includes:

New AACGM (Altitude Adjusted Corrected Geomagnetic Coordinates) - AACGM-v2
A revised approach to AACGM coordinate transformations developed by Simon Shepherd at Dartmouth College. Simon is tentatively calling this AACGM-v2 to distinguish it from the version issued by AFRL, which is identified as AACGM-v1. The results of applying the two methods are different! Here is a note on the reasons (read more at the Dartmouth College website):

'AACGM-v2 is optimized for solution of coordinates at high and mid latitudes while AACGM-v1 has been modified through the years to provide a solution in the equatorial belt, a region in which the field line tracing necessary for an AACGM determination is not strictly defined. This decreases its accuracy at high and midlatitudes. In addition, AACGM-v2 performs a year-by-year interpolation and is consistently defined over all epochs of the IGRF while AACGM-v1 is defined only at 5-year step and is inconsistent in its transitions across epochs.'
  • AACGM Downloads(external link): new AACGM coefficients as well as IDL and C software to perform the transformations
  • AACGM Calculator(external link): a calculator for transformations between AACGM and geographic coordinates