Upon arriving at the site, only 8 transmitters were functioning out of the 16 possible. Also, upon looking at the main antenna array, 2 of the antennas had broken wires and numerous reflector wires were also down. From inside of the building, in addition to the 2 broken antennas, 2 more RF paths measured a high SWR upon looking out toward the antennas.

In the end, after the two days of repairs, 14 transmitters were functional, although only 12 could transmit due to bad spots along the antenna array. The repairs to the transmitters ranged from issues with the high power T/R switch to the controller card. Another interesting issue with one transmitter was the discovery of loose nuts on the 48V ammeter causing arcing to occur.

As well, the sensitivity of the receiver was improved by adding a 10dB attenuator as well as at 20 dB amplifier in the first IF stage of the receive path.

A follow up trip will be required in order to repair the broken antenna and reflector wires as well as investigate the 2 additional bad spots along the main antenna array.