Mid-latitude SuperDARN radars have been observing considerable night-time scatter.

From November 17th at 4pm to November 18th at 8am, the Millstone Hill ISR will be running an experiment in collaboration with SuperDARN. The plan is to point the ISR steerable antenna through Blackstone's field of view (as shown in attached figure) to get plasma parameters in correlation with SuperDARN velocity measurements.

The exact set-up of the experiment will be:
  • 'Stare' beam @ (-90 azimuth / 12 elevation) for 25 minutes
  • Slow azimuthal sweep (-105 to -85 azimuth / 12 elevation) for 4 minutes
  • Vertical profile using zenith antenna for 4 minutes

Thanks to this collaboration with the Millstone Hill Observatory, this experiment should provide a better understanding of mid-latitude night-time ionospheric scatter and ionospheric dynamics that has been observed by SuperDARN mid-latitude radars.

For more information, please contact me (sdelarquier_at_vt_dot_edu).

-- Update on November 18th --

Summary plots available at the following pages: