Peter and Xu are working on a transit of the Antarctic Plateau to service autonomous instrument sites that make up the PENGUin chain (

Dec 12 Post: The repair of the McMurdo station radar is well underway and likely to be completed early next week, ahead of schedule. Major repairs are being made to the main antenna array during this trip, including the raising of the new reflector curtain, replacement of a reflector curtain support pole, and leveling of all antenna poles. Repair work on the electronics has also been completed.

During the off hours, team members take advantage of many of the recreational activities McMurdo Station has to offer. This includes hiking, listening to science lectures, and visiting the New Zealand Scott Base research center. Nathaniel Frissell, an avid amateur radio operator, also enjoys operating the KC4USV amateur radio station.

Dec 7 Post: Nathaniel Frissell arrived at McMurdo Station late on Friday, December 5 and is now working with PI Bill Bristow and the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) crew to repair the McMurdo SuperDARN radar. Nathaniel transited through Christchurch, New Zealand where he was kitted out with Antarctic gear.

Dec 1 Post: PhD Candidate Nathaniel Frissell is on his way to Antarctica to assist a University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) crew in making repairs to the SuperDARN radar at McMurdo Station. Nathaniel will transit through Christchurch, New Zealand where he will be kitted out with Antarctic gear. Check here for updates!

UAF PI Bill Bristow has already visited the site of the SuperDARN radar at South Pole Station and has arrived at McMurdo.

Photo: Nathaniel has been provided with distinctive luggage tags for beginning his journey at Newark airport.