The trip here went fairly quickly as far as repairing the apparent damage. A new PoE unit was dropped in place and the Ethernet connector was cut off and a new one installed. However, it was not as apparent that during the power outage to the wireless radio, the settings for the radio were returned to the factory defaults. The factory default settings would not connect to the other side of the wireless hop and so it wasn't until inspecting the settings on the SPAREC side that this became apparent.

The new linux computer was also installed fairly easily and quickly. However, a few small configuration items for a radar site linux computer were not setup prior to the trip. These could have been completed from the comfort of the lab, but were completed fairly quickly at the radar site.

In addition to the main problems, a few small items were taken care of while at the site as well. Some of the smaller pole parts for the final MSI build were brought inside of the building since the packaging for these part had deteriorated over the years.