One of the biggest changes a user may notice is the ability to use different propagation models in order to geolocate data. Much of these improvements can be found in the proc/fov/ directory. This release also includes the ability to use frequency depenedent time differential (tdiff) values in order to calculate elevation angle. Also, there is a continuing effort to streamline and simplify the Range-Time-Intensity (RTI) plotting code. Lastly, there's a small but continuing effort here to style the code by PEP8 standards as well as update examples shown in the iPython notebooks. Here the SuperDARN_Data_plotting and MUSIC notebooks have been updated.

Summary of updates for this release include:
1) Continued improvement of installation issues
2) RTI function enhanced and refactored
3) Addition of frequency dependent tdiff
4) Added several different models for propagation paths and geolocation of data

Bugfixes include:

RBSP (Van Allen probes) website update
Added matplotlib dependency of freetype
Typo causing overlayFov to break
rcparams update to set tmpdir
AE keywords updated AttributeError caused by incorrect ordering of code
MLT labeled in hours not degrees
MUSIC and geomagind bugfixes

Please report any bugs by filing a new issue at link)