Some addition release notes about RST 4.1:

RST4.1 has just been released. The code can be found at link)

and release notes are available here: link)

New features in RST4.1 include:

Deprecation of "-new" flag for dmap format files (old-format files now require "-old" flag)
FITACF 3.0 (optional, see attached REAME file)
Chisham virtual height model (optional)
PSR10 and CS10 statistical convection models (CS10 replacing RG96 as default)
Major revisions to gridding software, including bug fixes and new slant range filtering options
Major revisions to Map Potential software, including bug fixes and use of IGRF12 rather than dipole B-field
Cleanup of numerous warning messages during compilation
Further improvements to the html documentation ( link))
Updated compilation process (commands are now just and then make.code)

We've also implemented citable DOI versioning for the RST using Zenodo: link)

The above link will always point to the most recent version of the RST, however each version also has its own unique DOI. For example, you can use the following citation for the new 4.1 release:

SuperDARN Data Analysis Working Group. Participating members, Thomas, E. G., Ponomarenko, P. V., Bland, E. C., Burrell, A. G., Kotyk, K., Shepherd, S. G., Sterne, K. T., and Walach, M.-T. (2018), SuperDARN Radar Software Toolkit (RST) 4.1, doi:10.5281/zenodo.1143675.

Moving forward this should help address any concerns over which version of the software was used to generate FITACF or higher level data products.

The RST is actively developed and maintained by the SuperDARN Data Analysis Working Group ( link)).