Repairs to the antenna feeder cables and known problems along the main array went quickly with replacements of some cables with newly cut and connectored ones. However, on the first one that was repaired, we found the balun had lots of water within the balun. This balun and another were eventually replaced, but all of the installed baluns were drilled with a two small holes in the bottom to allow water to drain and not collect in the enclosure. Only one other balun of the 20 had water in it during the trip though a separate balun showed evidence of previously being full of water.

With these repairs the antenna arrays are fully operational! During the evening of May 3rd, all 16 transmitters were left running as well! However, one transmitter was found to be bad the next day, so more repairs will be necessary.

Otherwise, some other minor repairs were completed including 3 CADWELDs that had broken and tieing down the ground coax and grounding wires to prevent cattle from pulling or rubbing too much on them.