Work removing the reflectors went quickly as two lifts were able to work on the task as the same time. All of the reflector wires except for the span across the gap closest to the marsh were removed during this trip. In addition, all of the upper and lower horizontal guy wires were removed on all but the last gap closest to the marsh. This area could not easily be reached, even with a large 135' lift as the ground was too soft to drive the equipment over. Once all of these were removed, the process of rebuilding the array began with hanging new upper and lower horizontal guy wires.

In addition to this work, some general repairs were made to the antenna array including replacing two front guy wires that had been damaged. We left the array with the reflector wires at the marsh end of the array tied up to the poles or anchor points as best as could be done. Hopefully this will keep it up out of the way of a brush hog should we not be able to get back to the site or brush clearing happens prior to our return.

The next phase of the antenna repairs is hanging new antenna halves along the array and then new reflector wires. This will be after the last span is dealt with first. Work continues on ways to improve access to this part of the array by a lift. It is estimated the 2nd phase of the work will be performed sometime in August or September 2018.