Record of appointments as SuperDARN Executive Council Chair:

Prof. Kathryn McWilliams / University of Saskatchewan (2019 -)

Prof. Mark Lester / Leicester University (2004 - 2019)

Dr. Raymond Greenwald / Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (1993 - 2004)

The make-up and responsibilities of the Executive Council are described in the SuperDARN Principal Invesitgators' Agreement 2012 (accessible via the link to 'SD Documents' on the main menu):

3.1 Executive Council

SuperDARN is managed by an Executive Council consisting of the Principal Investigators
(PI). The Council shall elect its chairman from its membership every 3 years. The Council is
the final arbiter on all matters to do with SuperDARN and would normally operate on the
basis of consensus, although, if necessary, a vote would require a simple majority of the
Principal Investigators present at the meeting provided at least 75% of the Principal
Investigators in Appendix 1 are present.

All Principal Investigators are signatories of this document. As additional radars are
developed, or as Principal Investigators wish to relinquish their role, the Council may by
consensus elect additional or replacement Principal Investigators, respectively. The newly
elected Principal Investigators will also become signatories of this document.
The Executive Council may designate individuals as Observers to participate in meetings of
the Council. Observers might include prospective Principal Investigators and individuals
whose specific expertise or contribution merits participation in Council meetings. Observers
may participate in discussions at the Executive Council meetings, but may not vote in Council

The Executive Council will normally meet once per year in association with the annual
SuperDARN workshop. At other times, it will operate via other communication channels such
as e-mail. Principal Investigators may be represented by alternates at meetings if they are
unable to attend. Alternates may vote should it be necessary.