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From Evan's email to the SuperDARN General mailing list:

'If anyone is interested in adding their students' (or their own) dissertation or thesis information to this library please let me know (')

The attached file shows an example of the text format I am using to populate the above sample webpages. The idea is to keep the format simple enough for anyone to easily parse the information into a future webpage or database.'

Format information:

Author (Last Name, First Name Middle Initials)
Year (YYYY)
Advisor (First Name Middle Initials Last Name)
URL (I've been selecting the URL to the metadata/abstract page which
contains a link to the PDF to avoid any potential copyright issues;
note that this or other fields can be left empty to indicate missing

Barth, Vigdis L.
Identification and tracking of extreme electron densities by EISCAT
Svalbard radar and SuperDARN
Jøran I. Moen & Kjellmar Oksavik
University of Oslo
MS link)

Chen, Yuanming
Multi-spectral-peak detection algorithm for autocorrelation functions
of radar signals
Simon G. Shepherd
Dartmouth College

Cousins, Ellen D. P.
Statistical analysis and empirical modeling of large- and small-scale
plasma drifts in Earth's high-latitude ionospheres
Simon G. Shepherd
Dartmouth College
PhD link)

de Larquier, Sebastien
The mid-latitude ionosphere under quiet geomagnetic conditions:
propagation analysis of SuperDARN radar observations from large
ionospheric perturbations
Joseph B. H. Baker & J. Michael Ruohoniemi
Virginia Tech
PhD link)