A follow-on note from Emma Bland (Data Analysis Working Group):

'To add to Simon's email: if you would like to start using the new IGRF/AACGM-v2 coefficients inside RST immediately, you can download and install the "develop" branch of the RST from Github: https://github.com/SuperDARN/rst/tree/develop(external link)

Many thanks to Simon and to Evan Thomas for adding these new coefficients into RST so quickly. We are working on a new minor release of RST which should be available in early March.'

Simon's follow-on to Emma's follow-on:

If you are talking about your VT codes then fine, but keep in mind that the original AACGM (not called v1) is based on a different philosophy and I would strongly discourage you from deleting it.
The v2 code takes a hardline position on reproducing the field-line tracing results, which causes there to be a region where the coordinates are undefined. The original AACGM code did not and as a result, coefficients are defined everywhere (including where they should not be.) I suspect there are still people using the original code because they need things to be defined everywhere.

And earlier from Kevin: 'the DAWG to get a new minor release out (https://github.com/SuperDARN/rst/projects/4) that includes the AACGM update'