Wednesday evening:

Today's talks were very interesting and even saw a very short spurt of SuperDARN data being discussed during the morning's session on OTH radars. I had some short discussions later on in the evening with this group from Canada as well as a person from a defense oriented OTH group from Australia.

Tomorrow I plan to attend some talks on weather radar and antennas. As well, I'll be presenting my poster during the morning poster session!

Tuesday evening:

Wrapping up the first day of the conference, I figured I would share about an IEEE society that seems more relevant to the rest of the group that I learned about today. This is the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society that lists 'EM and Radiative Transfer' as part of their fields of interests. Possibility for looking into maybe. The society's website is: link) link)

Today's talks that I attended were sessions dealing with Geophysical and Environmental applications. Tomorrow I'll attend sessions on OTH and surface wave radar as well as radar components and subsystems.

Monday afternoon:

I've made it to the IEEE Radar Conference in Kansas City after a weekend of driving around Missouri and Arkansas in the ride pictured here. Apparently Kansas rental car companies like to give me Mustangs. At the conference I will presenting a poster on Thursday on the modeling of the TTFD antenna design. I hope to post any relevant updates here as the conference proceeds.

On a more serious note, I stayed about 60 miles away from Joplin, MO when a tornado hit that town. I drove by the town today and am fine and well!