We arrived at the site around 10:15 AM and began with a quick check of the site grounds and antenna conditions. All wires and cables appeared to be intact and no reflector wires had slid around. The grass around the radar had not been mowed recently and was at least waist-height. The air conditioner inside the building was working fine although the internet connection was down for most of the visit. We next set about taking a series of SWR measurements for each antenna from inside the building. As a result of this test, we discovered a problem with antenna #16; upon inspecting the antenna cable, the connector was found to be badly broken/corroded (see picture). It is possible this was a result of lightning damage, as several other antennas on that end of the array give bad SWR readings. Upon leaving the site, we powered off the transmitter boxes not correctly operating and noted that the internet connection had been somehow reestablished.