In Emma's words:

"Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the development and testing of this release! As always, we encourage users to contact us if they have questions or find problems with the software. New contributions to the software are also most welcome. You can contact us by opening an “issue” on the github page (, or alternatively by email."

New features in version 4.5 include:
• New library for processing and plotting ionospheric sounding (snd) mode data
• New documentation on rawacf file format
• Fixed “core dump” error in make_fit -old
• Update of DLM functions to read dat files
• Fixed grid and map plotting for southern hemisphere data
• Consolidated plotting code into a single library (does not affect functionality)
• Updated compiler to C99
• Removed numerous compilation warnings

The SuperDARN Data Analysis Working Group, co-chaired by Emma Bland (UNIS) and Kevin Sterne (VT) maintains a website with news announcements, links to software, and postings on its deliberations at link)