This will be the second in a series of three Coffee Talks. The first, held on March 4, 2021, can be viewed at:
Zoom: (Access Password: xNE=91B1)

Taken from the flyer prepared by Dr. Slava Merkin (JHU/APL):

Space Weather Coffee Talk March 25, 4:00 - 4:45 pm ET

- Are you interested in a career in a space-related STEM discipline?
- Do you want to learn about the near-Earth space environment?
- Have you heard about Space Weather?

… then come join us for a series of informal virtual coffee-time conversations about careers in space science and engineering, learn about space weather and why we need to protect our technosphere* from its hazardous effects…*things we design and build for space but also technologies right here on planet Earth

Host: Alexandra Matiella Novak (JHU/APL)
Amy Keesee (Associate Professor of Physics, University of New Hampshire)
Dr. Kareem Sorathia (computer & space scientist, JHU/APL) link) 348?pwd=MHA0eUwxalJtdDJPWUtw S21VNno2Zz09
Meeting ID: 160 180 7348 Password: 216952

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Sponsored by the Center for Geospace Storms

The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboraory / National Center for Atmospheric Research / Rice University / SRI International / University of New Hampshire / Virginia Tech