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Dear Drs. Nishitani, Ruohoniemi, Lester, Baker, Koustov, Shepherd,
Chisham, Hori, Thomas, Makarevich, Marchaudon, Ponomarenko, Wild, Milan, Bristow, Devlin,
Miller, Greenwald, Ogawa, Kikuchi

We are very pleased to be able to inform you that your paper:

"Review of the accomplishments of mid-latitude Super Dual Auroral
Radar Network (SuperDARN) HF radars"
Nozomu Nishitani, John Michael Ruohoniemi, Mark Lester, Joseph Benjamin Harold Baker, Alexandre Vasilyevich Koustov, Simon G. Shepherd, Gareth Chisham, Tomoaki Hori, Evan G. Thomas, Roman A.
Makarevich, Aurélie Marchaudon, Pavlo Ponomarenko, James A. Wild, Stephen E. Milan, William A. Bristow, John Devlin, Ethan Miller, Raymond A. Greenwald, Tadahiko Ogawa and Takashi Kikuchi link)

Published: 18 March 2019

has qualified for one of the PEPS Most Cited Paper Awards 2021.

This award is presented to one or more highly cited papers published between 1 January 2018 and 31 December 2019. Only citations in papers which are published during 2020 are counted,
and these citations must be acknowledged by Web of Science.

For details on the award please see the PEPS Awards webpage at: link) link)

Congratulations on the success of your paper, and thank you very much for choosing to publish it in PEPS.