pyDARN release v2.1 includes the following features:
Updates to Fan plots
Updates to FOV plots
NEW Grid Plot
NEW Ground-Scatter Mapped Range option for Range-Time plots
NEW Coords enumerator for selecting a coordinate system
updated documentation

To install and use, see anyone of these links for more information

GitHub: link)

Readthedocs: link)

PyPi: link)

From Marina's original announcement of the relese of pydarn 1.0 on March 27. 2020

'pyDARN is a python library used for data visualization of SuperDARN data.
Currently, it can:
- read and write SuperDARN DMap files
- read, write and convert Borealis hdf5 files
- range-time parameter plots
- summary plots
Thank you for all the support and help from the community.'