The new release includes the following:

New Requirement: pyDARN 2.2 requires a minimum matplotlib version of 3.3.4

New Radar geographical Field-of-View (FOV) calculations functionality
New Modularity for virtual height models
Deprecation Removed FOV files for radars geographic beam location
New pytesting environment for testing pydarn for development
New FOV grid lines to show range gates
New channel option in Fan plots
Bugfix in Range-time plots with groundscatter
Bugfix in Range-time plots with time-shifting
Deprecation of slant option in plot_range-time and plot_summary is deprecated now uses Coords

To install and use, see anyone of these links for more information

GitHub: link)

Readthedocs: link)

PyPi: link)

From Marina's original announcement of the relese of pydarn 1.0 on March 27. 2020

'pyDARN is a python library used for data visualization of SuperDARN data.
Currently, it can:
- read and write SuperDARN DMap files
- read, write and convert Borealis hdf5 files
- range-time parameter plots
- summary plots
Thank you for all the support and help from the community.