New features of pyDARNio v1.2.0 include:

Handling of extra fields in fitacf files coming in the next RST release, including the name of the ACF fitting algorithm used (algorithm), the value of TDIFF used to calculate the elevation angles (tdiff), and more descriptive field names for the elevation angle fields in FitACF 3.0 (elv_error & elv_fitted)

More flexibility around optional fields for all file types

Updates and speed improvements for Borealis file io

The new version pyDARNio can be installed via
pip3 install pydarnio​
or an exisiting installation can be updated via
pip3 install --upgrade pydarnio

This new version will be the default version automatically installed on a new pyDARN installation.
The DVWG is expecting a new release for pyDARN before the holidays with lots of new and improved features.