Key updates in RST 5.0 include:

All fitting algorithms are now called by the make_fit binary, and the following binaries have been removed: make_lmfit, make_fitex2, make_fitex1.

There is no default ACF fitting algorithm in make_fit. The user should specify the fitting algorithm using a command line option.

Added the LMFit2.0 fitting algorithm

C & IDL software to read TDIFF values from a calibration file (sample file included)

New fields in the fitacf file format: algorithm, tdiff, elv_error and elv_fitted

New command line option in map_addhmb to constrain the HMB based on a spectral width threshold (no change to default behavior)

New virtual height model for midlatitude radars and modularized rpos_v2 library

Speed improvements to map_grd and map_addhmb (~3x)

New GUI for displaying real-time fit data (fitacfclientgui binary)

Updates to the data simulator (sim_real and make_sim)

New command line options in field_plot to correctly display the radar field of view

Improved color control in plotting routines

Updated documentation