Latest - The poles are up! The crew made extraordainary progress, raising 64 poles in in 5 hours. Work on tensioning and laying out reflector screens for the interferometer arrays is going on and construction of the building has started. The crew is scheduled to depart the site Friday and Saturday.

Week of Sep 13 - A partial crew rotation is underway. Shepherd, Greenwald, and Sterne remain and are joined by Elsayed Talaat of JHU/APL. The report from the field has the poles being readied for raising on Wednesday and Thursday.

Week of Sep 6 - A crew of SuperDARN reserchers is now on site in Christmas Valley carrying out the first phase of the build of the two new MSI radars. The crew is lead by site PI, Dr. Simon Shepherd, of Dartmouth College. He is joined by Virginia Tech staffers Ray Greenwald and Kevin Sterne and by Ethan Miller of JHU/APL. The pole sections are being joined this week into 56' and 50' poles while the last of the piers are being poured by the contractor. The plan is for the first poles to be raised next week.