As can be seen in the photo, the weather varied much more this trip from cool (and even a small rain storm for 15 minutes!) to sunny and windy. The wind especially made working in the field interesting with dust being kicked up as seen in the photo.

However, despite the weather conditions and the food conditions (the ladies working at the Feed Barn could start to guess who ordered what), much progress was made at the site. As Mike noted, all of the poles and tensioning bars were raised within a days work.

From here, we took to aligning the tops of the poles with the guy wires and applying tension to the interferometer (I/F) arrays. In tandem with this, we also took to constructing the Twin Terminated Folded Dipole (TTFD) antennas along with the reflector wires for both I/F arrays.

The west I/F array's reflector was constructed and upon final tightening and hoisting, we noticed two of the wires were crossed. However, the garage door spring with party favor carbiner method seemed to work at the wires were fairly straight. Work was begun on the east I/F array reflector, but a wind/rain storm off in the distance kept the hi-lift grounded. Thus, the reflector was not finished.

Discussion has already begun about the next Build Phase trip which will involved installing horizontal guys, antennas, and reflectors for both main arrays. From there, the ground coaxial cables will be laid, measured and cut for phase matching. Otherwise, the work then starts inside the building for transmitter and receiver equipment.

-Kevin Sterne