Owing to airplane difficulties in Boston, the trip was shortened and they were unable to visit prospective sites on the island of Santa Maria. After discussions with the Secretary of the Presidency (Mr. André Bradford) and the Secretary for Science and Technology (Mr. José Contente), it was decided to examine the siting possibilities on the island of Graciosa. Mr. Luis Santos of the Office of Science and Technology is scheduled to conduct a reconnaissance trip to the island.

Mike and Simon would especially like to thank Mr. Rafael (Rafa) Perez, Principal Officer of the Consulate of the United States to the Azores, for hosting their visit. The islands are beautiful!

See an article from the Azorean press that describes the meeting with senior officials of the Azores government held in the Palace of Conceição, in Ponta Delgada.

http://engineering.dartmouth.edu/news/government-reveals-importance-of-integrating-azores-in-SuperDARN/(external link)